Land of Damnation


It was a very hot day (I dare to say almost "infernal") of August 2014 when Adrian Peppe "Smith" thought well to organize a jam session with DarkTranquillo "Murray": the two guitarists had served together in "MaelstroM" between 2009 and 2012.
Rosaria "Harris" (bass guitar) and some MIDI drum tracks completed the jam formation.
The session revealed very productive and was immediately initiated a metal project with the aim to finish, arrange and record many songs sketched by Adrian Peppe "Smith".

After a few months officially entered the group Michele "Svalfio" (drums) and the singer Franz: finally the band was fully booked and took the name of "Land Of Damnation".
They worked to pieces and each component gave his contribute, which is why the initial classic metal sounds began to get rich of dark melodic death influences, gothic metal and thrash.

By the end of 2015, college engagement led to several group members changing until 2017, when Land Of Damnation decided to record their first EP (Demon) with Adrian Peppe "Smith" at the voice and with Luigi "Towt" Smilzo's collaboration at the bass guitar.

Demon was officially released on Jan. 9 2018.
In October the 19, 2018, with the same formation, the band release also a single: Voluspa.

During 2019 Francesco Longo (Growl & Scream Vocals) and Pasquale De Micco (bass guitar) starts collaborating with Land of Damnation and than, in the October 25 the band release the single WinterFall.

Now Land of Damnation are recording a second EP that will be released as soon as possible.
Stay tuned ! \m/